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Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

Cold weather is hot again

Kind of Blue

Christmas Greetings from the Castro Household

Howdy Buddy (Looking for Love)

Red and White Conflated (an environmental-friendly alternative to Christmas decor)

Chum Bubbly

In·glo·ri·ous Remnants

A Day on the Boardwalk

Is there life on Mars?

Real men are not afraid to wear pink shirts (or any similar colors)

Brown Shoes Don't Make It

Juzno Unplugged

Clock the Grove

The Great Mr Jerry Mew

The Harvest and Happy Thanksgiving to You All

Minimalist Reflection of Tea Leaves and I'm Turning Japanese (I really think so)

Pressing Forward and Just messing With Your Mind

Question to Juzno: I really need to learn to take pictures in the dark

Creating Background Motion by Jay P. Morgan

Great use of snoot from Bryan Peterson

Tangled up in Green

Fish for Art Sake (It doesn't have to make sense)

ISO 1200 Magazine | Avoiding Flash Reflections in Eyeglasses

Red River

aLone (again)

The Crawl

Anxiously Waiting, Life with Dignity

When Roses Bleed

The Loners

Rose Strawberry Ice Cream Forever

Blue Contentment on a Wack-o Friday

Look to the west and you might just find gold (Revisited)

Last Apple Standing and Raindrops Keep Falling

Ham and Egg Landscape: Not quite there

Purple haze on the last Friday in September (or Green Eggs and Ham Landscape)

The Big Apple in the West

As Dennis Frates pursues the big picture, he never forgets the details

First Fruit Framed

Integrity: Maybe a Hepburn

ISO 1200 Magazine | Photography Video blog for photographers: Post Pro with Kevin Kubota: Week 2

ISO 1200 Magazine | Photography Video blog for photographers: Ten secrets to be a street photographer like Bruc...

Barbie After Dark


Reflecting on the Absent