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The Art of Flamboyance (Icons Behind the Lens Series)

Harbor Ventura in the Sunset

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Al, Arnie, George, John, and the Graying of America

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The Road Less Travelled

ISO 1200 Magazine | Photography Video blog for photographers: Bert Stephani reviewing the Fuji X100T on street p...

I think my rose needs some Southern California soaking

It's always sunny in Socal

Smile like Nirvana


Desolation seen back in time through a tarnished window

Harnessing Jack Bauer

So what if the sun refused to shine?

In their own worlds (Repost)

Lighting Set Up for Never Alone

Heavenlies (Repost)

Stand By Me

Are we afraid that heaven is a bribe?

Food Selfie Antithesis

Surprised by Joy

Thoughts on Babes, Cake and Candies (Repost)

How I create portraits (part 2)

How I create portraits (part 1)

Riva del Garda from a room with a view

River Verona

St Bartholomew at the Duomo di Milano

Duomo of Milan (series)