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My Wishlist for year 2021

Don Byas - Byas a Drink (original 1944 recording jazz vinyl )

Overlooking Lake Georgetown

Dexter Gordon - Hi Fly (original 1981 recording jazz vinyl )

Phil Woods - Ow! (original 1961 recording jazz vinyl )

The Christmas Story (Waverly Consort)

Have a Wonderful Christmas.

Black California Anthology vol 2 - Blow by Blow (original 1947 recording jazz vinyl )

A Night at Georgetown

Canonball Adderley Quintet - Sticks/Hipadelphia (original 1966 recording jazz vinyl )

Oscar Peterson - Ali and Frazier (original 1977 jazz vinyl record restored)

Broken Dreams

Rust Never Sleeps

One November in Salado Creek, Texas

Kale Salad at Salado, Texas

Cyril Scott - 1st Movement Allegro Maestoso (1914)