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Through the Rose Colored Glasses


Over Yonder

What She Left Behind

Let Me Take You Down

No Night Life in the City

Joe Newman / Zoot Sims - MAMBO FOR JOE (restored vinyl)


She's Not There

Ville Marie in Montreal

It Keeps You Awake

Johnny Hodges - Disillusion Blues (vinyl)

Oscar Peterson - The Waltz I Blew for Yew (From The Personal Touch Vinyl LP)

Nothing Left to Do

Velo Grablje Village

Nautika Luka Stari Grad

Mud Volcano

Julian Edwin "Cannonball" Adderley - Wabash

Stephen Stills 2 - CHANGE PARTNERS (vinyl / lyrics below)

George Washington at Mount Rushmore


St Blaise of Dubrovnik

Evening Commute in Long Island City

Street Alley at Stari Grad

Lake Bled

Velo Grablje Village

Clinically Aesthetic

The God-Given Task

A Watermill Village

Interstate 35

Devil Creek in Malad City

Dubro Jutro

Learning Charleston While Waiting for Uber

Stonehenge Revisited

Petar and the Steeple

The Other St Blaise

Travel Vignettes


What the World Needs

Jonathan Livingstone Just Left the Beach

Wild Bison Sighting

I Will

Phil Woods - IN YOUR OWN SWEET WAY (Vinyl LP Warm Woods)

We Will, We Will Rock You

Luka Stari Grad Marina

Honoring the Cat King

Blue Sea and the Legend of Cats in Kotor

Rastoke Village with Waterfalls

Old Books New Library

The Little Red Hut

Almost Art in Gruene