Saturday, September 23, 2017

To Live and Die in LA.

Los Angeles weather is great.  But the traffic is the worst.  The provisions are plentiful.  You can get anything you want.  Anything.  But at a price.  There is limited freedom.  Only if you think and talk a certain way.  People are tolerant.  If you believe in what they believe.  The air is unclean.  But it makes for a great sunset.    Etc.  Oh, to live and die in LA.

Hoe your day is going well.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Performance Art is ...

No barriers.  Music.  Painting. Words.  Visuals.  Ideas.  Transcendence.  Immanence.  Above.  Beneath. North.  South.  East.  West.  Performance.  Recorded.  Documented.  Historical.  Fiction.  Love.  Hate.  Nothing in between.  Spit what is lukewarm.  Embrace what is cold.  Taste what is hot.  Extreme.  Ethnicity.  Race.  Genders.  Ages.  Languages.  Dialects.  Homeless.  Suburbs.  Urban.  Rural.  Slums.  Trash.  Garbage.  Junk.  Warhol.  Rembrandt.  Bach.  Beck.  Light.  Dark.  Saturated.  Black and White.  Toned.  Monochrome.  Blurred.  Focused.  Analog.  Digital.  Paper.  Paperless.  Mac.  PC.  iPhone.  Android.  Consequences.  Inactions.  Liberty.  Slavery.  Fast.  Slow.  Peace.  More love.  Unity.  Division.  Tolerance.  Intolerance.  More ideas.  

All of the above.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Waiting for Tapas

She's wondering when she'll find Paradise.  Or maybe when her just-ordered tapas will arrive.  Nelson Mandela is amused.  Maybe because he just finished his Yambal juice.

Stealth shot in Madrid courtesy of the now replaceable iPhone 7 plus.

Hope your day is going well.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

When East Meets West

So I decided to do something artsy tonight.  A double exposure of my friend and the poster I took in Seattle (or at least that's where I remember I took it - well, it doesn't matter).  I like the play of the different blue tones on this image and the geometrical pattern produced by the double exposure.  It reminds me of something I once heard not too long ago:  "There are no realities.  There are only views of reality.  Only perceptions.  All collective anxieties condense into conspiracy theories."  Where did I hear that?  Must have been from House of Cards or some Netflix original.

Hope your day is going well.