Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Maid of Glastonbury

Juzno:  Mi Lady, I beseech thee.  May thy humble servant take a photo of thee?

Marybeth:  Oh, sire.  I am no lady but a servant like thineself.  By the way, what is a photo?

Juzno:  Dear lady, can thou not hearest the wind blow?  Or did thou knowest?  Thy stairway lies on the whispering wind.

Marybeth:  Ah, I see that thou art a sage as well.

Juzno:  Dear lady, has thou not hearest of Led Zeppelin?

Friday, August 18, 2017

Wine Glasses as Art

Wine glasses as art.  I must inquire though.  How many bottles of wine can fill the bottom of the glasses?  What if they are bottomless glasses?

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Hasta Mañana - Santiago de Compostella

Juzno: Señor, I just walked nearly 500 miles from France on a pilgrimage to the Way of St James - that is the Camino de Santiago.  For favor, please, do tell me how I can go to the Santiago de Compostella?

Diego:  Si, señor.  But first I must finish my Cafe Manchado, then take my two-and-half hour siesta, and only then can I show you the way to the church.

Juzno: How long does it  take you to finish your coffee?

Diego:  Not too long.  Give or take one hour.  Or just come back tomorrow.

Hope your day is going well.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Paneng's Kitchen Revisited

Juzno:  What's cooking, Paneng?

Paneng:  Is da wan I cook but my specialty.

Juzno: And what's that?

Paneng:  Rice and hot water.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Avila from a Distance

Just left the scorching curse of Salamanca, we were headed to Avila before our final destination, which would be Madrid.  I just woke up from my afternoon nap while on the coach when I saw a landscape similar to Jerusalem.  The weather was milder, and the strong gust of wind was much needed grace.

Rose and I have been in Avila before.  It was during winter.  Our tour director took us for hot chocolate.  Years later, we are doing it again, and this time with churros.  Avila's  mug of hot chocolate and churros never fail regardless of the season.


Friday, August 11, 2017

Mike's Meandering Thought

It's 1972.  People are freaking out.  As for me, I am feeling like I am in a bad dream.  I have been getting a lot of calls about the strawberry piece I was investigating.  Except I don't have a phone, the nearest one is two houses away, which belongs to my landlord.  Besides, strawberries don't grow on this island.  People call me on my landlord's phone.  But my landlord has put me in a blacklist because I keep playing Black Sabbath at illegal decibels that ought to get the police to arrest me.  Black Sabbath just released their fourth album.  It has no title.  It's like people will recognize it as Black Sabbath IV.  Led Zeppelin did the same thing on their fourth album.  Who did it first?  What's going on in the music scene?  Sort of antiestablishment posture.  Yea, right, let's screw them but let's take their money.  How come these people think they can be like Bob Dylan?  Anyone want some lemons?  The tree looks very pretty but the fruit is impossible to eat.  Anyway.  I just think Dylan's head reminds me of lemons.  Doesn't his head look like a lemon?  His facial expression certainly does.  Good stuff.  It's perfect.  My head is shaped more like a pomelo.  That is why I need to grow my hair long.  Sometimes I will be daydreaming and I see a big ugly knot and I have this Gordian sword and slice up this rope.  I have to stop making sense.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Frankenstein in the Dark

I won't tell you what it is.  But I'm sure most photo enthusiasts will know what it is.

Here are seven clues:

  1. It's the newest release from a camera manufacturer.
  2. It's made in Japan.
  3. It's compact - quite obviously.
  4. The sensor is 24 megapixel.
  5. It has wifi capability.
  6. It shoots great.  For example it makes Rosie O'Donell appear to look like Kristen Stewart.
  7. You can teach it to order pizza in the middle of the night.  
Hope you are having a great day.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Another View of the Unverse

"Through art we can know another's view of the universe." - Marcel Proust, Maxims

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

How many eyeglasses can one have?

Or how many guitars can one own?

Or how many guns can one shoot?

Ah, but the answer my friend is blowing in the wind.  The answer is blowing in the wind.

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Juzno Launches a New Magazine

Juzno just started a magazine called Just an Observer  in Flipboard.  If you have an account in Flipboard  you can now follow his posts here.  Cheers.

Friday, August 04, 2017

Madrid reliving its history

Statue of King Charles III located at Puerto del Sol, Madrid

It has been said that Madrid despite the seemingly consumerist influence on the city , i.e. modern transportation, millennials sporting hip fashionable attire, and sprouting Burger King fast foods, the city has never really changed in its heart.  In plain English, Modern cosmopolitan Madrid in its heart has always been Madrid, a city resilient to counter-culture.  While I am not sure if I completely agree with this observation, I do see that some parts of the urban landscape attempts to commemorate and perhaps relive its history.  Such as the statue of King Charles III (1716 - 1788), which is part of the monument at Puerta del Sol.  I find it interesting that the statue is surrounded with shopping malls from all sides.  The statue is not that old.  It is a replica made by Miguel Angel Rodriguex and Eduardo Zancada in 1994.  The tourists are made to believe that it's the original 18th century statue.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Understanding Our Propensity for Visuals

But first a Food Selfie!
This present culture is enamored with visuals and more visuals.  Fascination with visuals.  Food selfies flood the social media.  People sharing their photos from their smart phones.  Part of this phenomenon is that almost everybody can take a picture.  Cameras are accessible.  When you go to the social media, try posting a blurb on ideas and no one will almost read them.  But post a picture of your latest lunch or dinner and it's a guarantee that it will get some kind of reaction.  We live in an age where visuals rule - 24/7.  The newspaper businesses know that there is a greater likelihood of people reading their articles when they are accompanied with images.  After all, pictures they say tell a thousand stories.  Although it may seem that this trend is more apparent nowadays, it is not new.  Our fallen minds are programmed to respond to images.  I've always wondered why God of the Bible forbid a visual representation of himself.  We are prone to imagine how God looks like.  Even Moses desired this.  We are indeed a visual people.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

An Advice to an Aspiring Photographer - from a Failing One

Dear Friend,

Sometimes you may have to ask yourself why you go through the hassle of sharing your images to complete strangers like in Flickr.  

You should not feel obligated to also like someone's work just because that person liked yours.  Unless if you belong to a Flickr group that requires you to do so.  People may like your images for a number of reasons.  It could be they belong to the group that I mentioned.  Or they want you to check their posts so you can like one or more of their images.  Or they just like your images with no strings attached.  I happen to belong to the last group of people.  I have no expectation.  If they reciprocate with a "thank you" note, I would be very grateful.

One of the reasons I share my images in Flickr and Instagram is these are platforms where I can observe how people behave.  I like to conduct social experiments to find out how one may react towards my work.  I think it may be selfish of me to do this.  At best, it's creepy.  Although I don't see it as setting up a bait as an absolute means to an end because I also want to share to others my work - to those who are willing to give time to appreciate and perhaps understand the message.  I feel that I have passed the point of creating merely for aesthetics.  I want to convey a deeper message through the perspective of aesthetics.  That is why I consider myself just as an artist who happens to know how to use a camera.  Not a lot of people including photographers will understand this.  

Stay true to yourself, my dear friend.  Know why you do the things you like to do.  And strive to better yourself to reach your goal.

Your Friend,

P.S.  I'm sharing an image I took at the Guggenheim Museum at Bilbao - yes that is in Spain.  If you can figure out what it means, then maybe you can explain that to me.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

The Barber Dog of Seville

Figaro had been so busy tending his barbershop that he didn't realize Otto, his canine companion, decided to saunter out on the streets of Seville.  Even though the photography would not be invented for another century, I was able to go back to 16th century Spain.  I was fortunate to bring my French view camera along with me.  This was one of the shots I made of Otto during his unsuspecting moment.  The man with one wooden leg walking away was a delightful addition to my street image.