Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sunday, December 07, 2008

While my guitar gently weeps

It's one of my favorite acoustic guitar. It's all banged up but still plays well. Original Lensbaby.

But the fruit of the orange is impossible to eat

My co-worker loaned me this orange, which he plucked from one of the trees outside our office. Nikon FE 1/50, I don't remember the aperture opening -- maybe f/1.8. It's taken in manual focus because the lens would not auto focus.

Monday, December 01, 2008

how do you spell squashes or pumpkins

I am not sure if these were squashes or pumpkins. I'll settle for squash since I'm not sure if I spell those words right. They were lying on the secretary's counter and I rearranged them to make it look like there were more than three. The counter was grey so I don't know why it turned out black in here. Anyway, I like the way the colors turned out. Shot using Original Lensbaby with a 4+ macro filter. Diamond Bar, California.

stawberry shortcake

The red bike has been passed on through the hands of the Reyes' kids. Years ago we took it from their garage when the kids have outgrown it. I intentionally left the red bike at our backyard to rust. I feel that after several years of aging the bike is now ready to become an artwork. Original Lensbaby.

Three trees

Probably another happy accident for me. It was freezing at the park that morning that I forget to put my lens on auto focus. Hence the blurry shot. The fog though is real. Rose and Mimi are somewhere in the foreground. Canon efs 18-55mm.