Saturday, January 31, 2009

after dinner wine

Rose and KC left after dinner to get some ladies' stuff that I would never understand what they are supposed to do. Grabbed my canon 5d and shot this bottle of wine. The empty cup still had a tea bag inside. Rose drank the tea while I had the wine.

the guitarman

Actually, KC took this picture at a concert in New York. I tweaked it a bit in an ancient version of Photoshop Elements. I am now convinced that post production should be used in enhancing the elements as opposed to altering the image radically. I'm becoming a purist of some sort.


This is not America... shala la la la.

french bread

The bread is real but you cannot eat it. For display only. The lemonade is drinkable. One of my first attempts using the 5d. The lens was a 50mm f/1.8 with Tamron extender 1.4x. French cafe, Old town Pasedena. January 2009.

feels like gold

Drank and tasted the chivas. Smoky. Not as smooth as the JWalker gold. But surprisingly close. Not bad at half the price of the gold label.


My current choice.


One Monday afternoon promenade at the Long Beach pier. We planned to check out the aquarium but after finding out each person cost $25 to get in, we bailed out. The walk at the pier was free. Can't beat that.