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Blue Hole

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Upright Bass

Psychedelic Gumbo Guitar

What Else to Do

What I did to my vintage guitar after watching Jimi Hendrix burn his guitar

Jojo Runner succumbs to his altered state of mind when he realizes that bicycling in heavy urban streets can cause massive panic attack and desperate need to go to the bathroom

Another Hope for the Flowers

Coke is It

Two Pairs of Threes is a Company

The State of the Art is Fishy

With Desmond at the marketplace and Molly singing Obladi Oblada.

My Back Pages

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3, 3 and 12

Instagram 190903

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When is the best time to drink white wine?

Instagram 190829

An Unexpected Guest


Portrait of a Blacksmith in Toledo

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Old School Dating

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Reflection at Frederiksberg Palace