Thursday, December 31, 2015

You're so Vain, You Think this Song is About You ... Happy New 2016 Year

I  know I don't look like Warren Beatty.
Carly Simon could be right depending on how one reads her words.  As photographer Rodney Smith puts it, "It is simply part of the human condition to aspire to importance and power, when the truth is we feel powerless and unimportant." 

I got everything I wanted. The bills are paid. The dog got a bath, and Rose and I met up with our daughter in New York.  She smiles like her dad.  Or so I would like to think.  God is good.

This is my last blog for 2015.  I still need to play with all my toys.  The Lord willing, I hope I can still blog in 2016.  See you there.

Here's wishing a safe and prosperous year 2016 to all.  Yea, even to those people who disagreed with me. 

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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Advice from an Ex-groupie

Do I look fabulous, darling?

Soren:  My life is a vortex of negative thoughts and emotions.

Lady Pam:  Darling, you need to loosen up a bit.  Go and enjoy life.

Soren:   I'm trying.  But I believe I am predestined to live a meaningless life.

Lady Pam:  Darling, you are not Camus or Sisyphus.  You are free to do what you want.

Soren:  Yes, but I am only free to live a meaningless life.

Lady Pam:  Pour me another shot of that absinthe.  And don't bogart that joint.

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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Nostalgic on Blue Moon... uh-woooo (re-post)

After Midngiht
Shot on film camera at the district rooftop – my fave place to shoot. Not sure when I took this. I know it’s quite recent. That’s the thing with film photography. Sometimes I’ll finish a roll in one day but most of the time it takes me a while to go through the entire roll. Then I forgot what settings I used.

I’m almost sure I shot this at f8. The camera is a vintage Zeiss Ikon Nettar, which older than me. It takes up a medium format film but for this shot I hacked the camera to be able to take in a 35mm film spool. Because the medium format film is larger than the 35mm film, the camera was able to print on the sprocket holes of the 35mm film. Pretty neat effect, if you ask me.

The camera has no built in light meter so the shutter speed was based on guess work. There is also no focusing viewfinder, which is not a problem for this shot because I just set the focus to infinity. Everything about this image is done old school. Well, except for digitalizing the final print so I can share it electronically.

This is a double exposure photo. The first shot was the moon. For the second exposure, I made a mental note where the moon was and framed the hill accordingly. I could have shot two separate images and layer them in PS but old school photography is more challenging and rewarding. Besides, I can brag about it if the photo comes out okay.

I was able to get two decent photos out of the entire roll on this camera. Not bad, I think. I love shooting old school. 

Featured Comment:

aU:  Seriously, just kill me now... this image is too intense...  reminds me of a night with Shadow (my Pom) -

Oh but the moon was out in its full regalia last night.  Me and my Shadow sat out in the backyard, seeping cappucino, sniffing at the flowers - sneezing off the pollen afterwards, simply immersing in the moon glow.

Shadow has been gone for a few years now.  I bought a brick in his memory at the Animal Friends of the Valleys, on the brick, I wrote this -

   Together we are
   My Shadow and me

Thank you for a sweet, brief reverie... also the method you used was simply 'pure unadulterated creation'...  Just the thought of having a friend like you is outright insane...