Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Close Encounter with a Wild Thing

Chino Hills, California, Canon EOS 60d, Carl Zeiss 100mm Makro-Planar

"Suspended in time, the synergy catapulted into the great circle collecting along the way bits of colored glass reflected by mirrors producing symmetrical patterns. Thus, producing rainbows in my reverie." - Aurora Schneider

What I love about macro photography is it can have an abstract quality that takes a subject to a different dimension. Such is the first image... in my mind I imagine an order in space with the appearance randomness. Does that make sense? The boring explanation is that the ordered randomness is attributed to what scientist call the Fibonacci sequence. But forget about that, I just want to feel the mood. Cold science sometimes take away the feelings and the impressions.

"Finally, the dandelion - my vision imparted, easily, I see a kaleidoscope!!! To mimic one of your favorite lines - 'as a side note', I collect kaleidoscope. Oh, I do not have a lot, at the present time, just two!! Let me therefore share you my take on kaleidoscope..." - aU

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Everyday... I have the blues

Diamond Bar, California, Canon EOS 60d, Carl Zeiss 100mm Makro-Planar

I see and feel this everyday.
. . .

Monday, June 27, 2011


Nothing is real.  And there is nothing to get hung about. - John Lennon
. . .

Time will tell

Diamond Bar, California, Canon EOS 60d, Carl Zeiss 100mm Makro-Planar

I have mixed feeling about this.  I asked myself why I bother posting images that I feel unsure.  Perhaps it's because feelings change.  Perhaps I'm thinking that one day I may see it differently.  Time will tell.
. . .

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I am under the weather today so I skipped work.  I am feeling a bit better now.  The lilies were shot today after taking Mimi out for a walk.  Early morning is great for taking floral shots as the wind here is still.  Well, actually it's not that early.  Must have almost 7am.  The strange thing about these lilies is that they are blooming at a very late period.  Typically one can see them being sold during Easter.  Not sure if that has to do with the micro-climate in our backyard.  We had a bunch of trees cut lately and now it's bright out here.  Before it was a bit gloomy, which is not bad as it provides coolness.  Maybe the late bloom is just like me as I am a late bloomer in most things.  Heh.  

The image above is actually a part of a bigger image below.  Although a large part of inforamtion was removed by the cropping, I think the image quality is still good.  I am very happy with the composition and framing on this one.

Tell me what I hope to find

So won’t you please read my signs, be a gypsy
Tell me what I hope to find deep within me
Because you can find my mind, please be with me
(Please Be with Me, Eric Clapton)

Monday, June 13, 2011


Don't think twice it's alright


I’ve observed that not a lot of people can relate to black and white images yet I think when it works it can be very powerful than colored photos.  It seems to me that there is a sense of timelessness and universality (elements that I always strive for) in BW photography.  This picture resonates melancholic mood in my view… I think people tend to avoid the melancholy.  But there can be sweetness and bitterness combined in this mood.  Kind of like red wine.  Sometimes evoking a sense of isolation.  I can be comfortable in this mood.  This is the way I think… sometimes…  when everything exists in varying shades of gray, which can be beautiful.

Monday, June 06, 2011