Saturday, March 14, 2009

photo secret no.2

It's actually the bottom of a wine glass sans the stem filled with red wine. Using the original LensBaby with macro filters to get up close. To get that smooth finish, the photographer indulged in several glasses of wine. One of the hazards of photography.

tea tree

Legend has it that Captain Cook brought this plant in North America after smoking its leaves that the Aborigines from New Zealand gave him. His famous words were "Yo ho ho, dya 'ave sum rum, mate?"

photo secret no.1

This was a fun one to shoot using the LensBaby 3G. To get the multicolored blokeh, I placed the two 37mm filters on the open side of the CD under a flourescent lamp. I must have taken about a hundred shots to finally get this one right.

mrs. picasso's lips


alien migration

sin cos tan