Saturday, April 18, 2009

Foggy Day in Chino Hills

I think it was February. It was foggy and drizzling one morning when we took Mimi out for a walk at the park. In here, Mimi, being territorial, is inspecting her turf for possible property invasion. Actually, the turf belong to the city. But she does not know that.


Rose and I had lunch at Harvard Square down at Claremont Village, while Mimi begged to be fed under the table. Turned out the artichoke was not that bad.

Know your photography rights

After several shots, the mall cop showed up and told me to cease and desist. This was the second time that I was ordered to not take any pictures. Know your photography rights.


After 10 years, Jerry was finally freed from Gitmo. Out here in the wild, he is sniffing his favorite food -- grass salad.

Another calculator (magnified)

There are so many photos I've uploaded that I lost track. I think I have not posted this one before. Shot using two 50mm lens coupled using a female to female coupler. The magnification result is stunning.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

milkweed [revisited]

Two Pot Heads and the Chinese Mistress

Old Chinese store at the Village, Claremont. The figures were sitting on a bookcase.


Just days before the wind blew it away, I was able to get this shot at high noon, which gave it a harsh contrast. The lensbaby softened the harshness but retained the contrast. Brilliant!

flower rose

Lensbaby 3G, stacked macro lens 10+ and 4+, Canon Rebel XT, a couple of glasses of zindfandel, and 2 hours of photo session later.


I tried to photograph the cows behind the fence but this was all I got. Original Lensbaby and Canon Rebel XT.

Drunken Vision

After a couple of Jack, this is how one perceive things while on the road.


The statue was exposing himself so I decided to shoot at the back instead. Lensbaby Composer and Canon Rebel XT. Getty Museum, Los Angeles, California.

strawberries forever

Rose was going to throw away the sour strawberries but I managed to salvage them for this photo shoot. Used Canon 5d with 50mm ef 1.8II teleconverted with 1.4x Tamron extender. Shot in the dark with a single tungsten lighting.