Wednesday, May 13, 2020

New York City on a Winter's Day

The postman or the person carrying the gunny sack must have the tune "California dreaming on a winter's day" playing on his head.  We were still living in California when this picture was taken.  2005 I think.  I used a 4 megapixel Canon Powershot 40D to capture the image.  I had to pay a hefty price to acquire it back then.  Nowadays, if one is fortunate, the camera may be scored in a thrift shop for a couple of dollars.

I mostly used the camera to document my family's activities.  You know - daughter's first recital, vacation trips, and so on.  Wasn't even into serious photography.  The original image was eventually cropped for this post.  See the unedited image below.  Not bad for an archaic point and shoot camera.

Hope you enjoy.

Friday, May 08, 2020

As I See It

Things that occupy my time nowadays: Inspiration + Junk Materials = Creativity

Hope your day is going well.

Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Love in Vain

Having self-doubt once again.  It's just a silly phase that I go through once in a season.  I question why I do things.  I feel like an old discarded onion that no one ever wants - dejected, rejected.  Yet when peeled I show a sensitive side.  Too sensitive that any criticism hurts.  I tried to offer the world love ... and yet the world puts me down... my offer to love is rejected ... the love I share is all but vain.  What is the point?  Vanity of vanities.  All is meaningless.  All is vanity.