Monday, December 28, 2009

Experiment in Altering Somebody's Images

I'm refining my technique on how to alter somebody's images. The first image was originally from a museum brochure. I use a holga splitzer to get the faux double exposure effect. then I imported the digital image to Elements and added some noise to mask the grain from the brochure.

In here, I added some noise and texture, which seems to add character to Mr. Music Monkey.

This was from a TV ad. I positioned the camera on an angle to get that skewed perspective. I could not get rid of the texture from the TV screen -- so i decided to enhance it. It's similar to how I learned to play blues and jazz -- if you make a mistake, repeat it. In this case, I enhanced the aberration by pushing the contrast and the levels.

All taken with Rose's Canon a590is set to BW iso 80.