Lo-fi Technique No. 1 - Don't Throw Away Those Botched Images

Q:  How did you create this image?

A: The image was created using my own ghetto lo-fi technique out of necessity (the mutha of invention) and lack of fancy equipment…

(1) First, the image is a sculpture outside Johns Hopkins University Garden Museum. I think it’s made of bronze so it was darkly colored to begin with, and it was high noon so my “model” was shinning like it just got waxed.

(2) I used plastic lens mounted on an old Canon dslr. The plastic lens provides all kinds of aberrations and blur that normally would be avoided by any sane photographer. (My doctor tells me I'm mental...)

(3) I shot the image outdoor at f2 at high noon… two no-no’s for sane photographers (I was told that you don’t shoot at high noon and if you have to – use a filter and stop-down, all of which I did not follow). He-he.

(4) The combination of light flaring into the cam, the shining black sculpture, and the bad photographic practice produced a washed out blurry botched image.

(5) I have on file another “botched” image of an ocean tide, which I used to overlay on the first image. Heck, that picture looked more like a texture than an ocean. (btw... I never discard my images including botched ones, which make up most of my archives.)

(6) I googled a fancy quote from a famous existentialist and gave the image an esoteric title like "Being". I think Sartre would not mind if I stole the title to his thesis.

(7) ... and then I posted it here and called it art work ;-p

Anybody reading this, please buy my art so I can make money. The only problem is now that I shared my “secret” publicly, no one will buy my art work.

art by juznobsrvr


Tsetung said…
great tip!!!

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