Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Jazz at the Bank

Captured these street musicians one Friday night at the Village in Claremont.  They played jazz.  (I mean traditional jazz like Count Bassie, The Duke and so on.  Not the quasi-cool one hears while being placed on hold or ones played over the elevator.)  These guys found the perfect place to play at night.  They set up right in front of the ATM machine.  They may be playing for tips but they get to deposit their moneys at the ATM when they're done.  The outdoor lighting on their set was outstanding that this could have been taken inside a New York club.

This one is a keeper for me.  I love the lighting here.  The bass player (guy on the right) is standing in front of the glass window, which I think reflected some of the light from the side -- resulting in a subtle rim light on his head.  I also like how the bank arrow sign falls right in the middle.