Dadaism No. 6 and Random Thoughts on Modern Art

I found this while sauntering through the street of the LA Art District.  It may not look obvious but it's really a metal trash bin that have been decorated, perhaps with the permission of the owner, with graffiti and urban art.

Just how many times have we seen an enlivened portrait of Marilyn Monroe? On this one, it seems that the urban artist made sure that the Hollywood icon would be recognizable. Aside from the fake wayfarers and the red colored title, anyone looking at the picture knows who it is.  For others, it may even seem tasteless.  I may be the only one who ever noticed it.  Yet I'm fascinated by it.  In honesty, I'm quite intrigued as to how artists in the last few decades have been attempting to re-create from the past.  This approach in rendering a new Monroe is old...  yet it is somewhat new - or at least it's trying to be new.  This is the sad state of modern art in my opinion.

It reminded me of a post I made some time ago:

Van Gogh never sold any art in his lifetime.  No, I take that back... he did sell one but he bought it back.  Poor Theo, he could not sell any of his brother's work.  The irony is that people would not have understood or appreciated Van Gogh if his art had been kept in storage.  It would take many years before the public would begin to appreciate his work.  What sometimes bothers me is just because somebody said it's art, we are suppose to agree.  It's the cult of personality.  Okay, perhaps Van Gogh is not a good example. Andy Warhol?  Cristo?  Were they art geniuses or were they just good in marketing their art?

"There is nothing new under the sun." Ecclesiastes 1:9

Hope your day is going well.

Marilyn by Mr. Romano.  


Mr. Ramano said…
I enjoyed reading your opinion. I enjoy how you take your photos. Like this one, you crouched, you inched closer and snapped it. Your way of thinking is helping to inspire a creative revolution. Good work.
Rob Castro said…
Cheers. Thanks for your kind and encouraging words. Mean a lot... truly.

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