Waiting for the Rain

My soul thirsts for God, for the living God; When shall I come and appear before God? (Psalm 42:2)

Hope you are keeping cool.

The dried up Rose is anxiously waiting for the weather to cool down. I think it wants it to rain.

Don't know what it is about dried up flowers. I always end up taking pictures of them. Yesterday morning I set out to test my 70-200mm zoom lens. I'm really not a big fan of zoom because I'd rather just use my legs to get close to the subject. After much wavering, I took the leap and bought one as I thought it might be a good addition to my street photography. (I always use a wide angle for street shots.) Anyway, at first I thought I'd shoot some hummingbirds but as soon as I got out with my big lens all birds flew away. The ones I could spot were farther away. I realized I need a longer lens. I also realized that I have no patience taking pictures of birds. They are elusive. I decided I would take pictures of dead flowers. They don't complain much. They really can't because their dead.

I've stray away from taking this kind of photography but it felt good to go back. I like the black and white treatment. It seems to take me to another time. I think I'll be a black and white photographer. That could mean losing half my viewers. Some people don't like black and white. It's one of the hardest to get good result. One has to think about the forms all the time. The Dutch Masters painted in monochromatic tone and yet were able to bring out a lot of details in their painting. In fact, some of them thought that colors were distractions and used by lesser artists as crutch for getting the details out.

I like black and white. Hope you like it too.


Unknown said…
I believe black and white is an excellent photographic medium. Color often steals from the subject and distracts from the story being told. This is stunning and focused, really conveys the demise of the rose. :)
Rob Castro said…
cheers EA .... thanks for noticing and kind words

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