Hope for the flowers

The weather in the Philippines was erratic when we were there.  One day it stormed and we almost got stranded on the beach because of flooding.  The next day it was clear as though nothing happened.  A few days before, several thousands of people in another island south of us were badly hit by land slide.  This picture I took right after the storm reminded me how ephemeral life can be.

This trip has been humbling.  I've got into an accident, dislocated my shoulder, realized I'm too old to do much trekking and caving (so I'm glad I was still able to do it), lost some petty stuff along the way, realized they were petty when before I would have thrown fits, got upset when I discovered somebody removed Mommy's bones from Loyola, conceded there was nothing I could do to find where they are now located, and a bunch of surprises and nuisances too trivial to even mention -- yet I concluded that these were all God's will --  to humble me.

I hope your day is going well.


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