Thursday, June 06, 2013

Bohemian Rhapsody

A blast from the past perhaps.  I've stayed away from this kind of photography and been doing mostly street shots but the ghost of Lady Betsy Albatross kept haunting me to divert my effort at least for a little while on dreamy themes.  As a compromise I said I would do one as long as the back drop is on a street.  She agreed to meet me at a small alley in Prague - a stone's throw away from the Lennon Wall (a photo of that coming soon - maybe).

Happy Thursday!

Anne:  Love this photo.  it is like one of those ladies who got killed by Jack the Ripper...

Juzno:  You have a strange way of looking at things.  For somebody who has been murdered, she looks very happy.

 Raquel:  Oh, when I took Jack the Ripper tour in England, I actually got lost, by myself, going from alley to alley thinking "I will be the next Jack the Ripper victim.  I went back to the hotel, which was in a dark alley, you know Ghost Hunters, and got lost for two hours.  The tour was at the hotel before I showed up.  Terrible experience.  Of course, this was a night.

That actually looks like some of the alley walls I walked by.  I had to sit on a concrete wall, pitch black darkness, because there was no place else for me to sit.  Yup, last time I will do that.  

Juzno:  Sitting in the alley may not be the best place because they can have very bad cell phone reception.  Really would be interesting to see Jack the Ripper.  He would be past 100 years old by now.  But maybe he made a secret potion to keep him young and continue to look like Johnny Depp.

Anne: Johnny Depp as Ripper???  Nooooo, he's too cute.  I think Jack Nicholson is the Ripper incarnate..He could be charming and deadly...  

Juzno:  Yea and I heard Leonardo di Caprio has submitted his resume to Tim Burton for the gig.  Mr Burton is interested in the gig but he's eyeing Helen Bonham Carter to play the part of Jack, who was actually a woman.

Sista:  Your choice of song....because of the first lines of the song?

Juzno:  "Is this a real life ... or is it just fantasy ..."

That's a brilliant way of looking at it but my reason is at best random.  I was thinking of Fleetwood Mac's Gypsy or Rhiannon, and then I remember they have a song called Albatross - hence her name became Lady Betsy Albatross - Betsy is short for Elizabeth, who is the poster child of the Victorian Era.  So she's this Victorian woman but she is also a closet tramp.  Her future followers will be Freddie Mercury, Lady Gaga and just recently Psy.  Then I thought this was at a back alley of a Bohemian Bar where the ghost of Freddie Mercury was playing Sally Bowles of Cabaret.