A Mother Writes to her Daughter

Hi Baboo.

I'm finally sending you two versions of our family portrait.  The idea of having a family picture came about when Mimi turned eight last August 5th.  That made us a household of senior citizens and Dadoo wanted to have a portrait of our aging family, especially with Jerry turning 15 years old (105 cat years) this year.  However, we were not quite sure how best to capture the right image that would be representative of our family?  Well this is what we did.  First, we picked the time and day to do our portrait.  Sunday after church was chosen since everyone is typically relaxed, Dadoo and I are already in our Sunday clothes and our two pets are excited to see us and eager to partake of lunch and yummy treats.  The set up to do portraits was already in place, so Dadoo just needed to make a bit of adjustment and then use the remote control to click the shutter button that was synchronized with the flash.  Since I got Mimi already on my lap, I suggested to do a trial run without Jerry.  Jerry was already watching us from afar, closer to the base of the stairs.  So the three of us (without Jerry) posed in front of the camera but nothing happened.  Ooops, the remote control did not work.  Now, we have to use the camera timer.  Dadoo took Mimi from my lap, asked me to grab Jerry, then set the timer on.  As soon as Jerry heard his name and the quiet tick-tick-tick of the timer, he ran up the stairs as far away from us.  I was closely following him, then I took out a big piece of romaine lettuce leaf in my hand to lure him back.  Jerry stopped to smell the leaf and I grabbed him.  He tried to leap out of my hands but I got him pinned down to my chest while running down the stairs to take my seat before the 10-second camera timer turns off.  I got seated with Jerry held close to me, Dadoo with Mimi in his arms already waiting, and then click -- perfect timing.  We loved the image but Dadoo did not know what was the green thing that I was holding in my hand, so he removed it via photo-shop's content aware.  I still prefer the picture with the green leaf, so we're sending you both so you get to choose which one you like.

Have a blessed day!


Original shot with Jerry's salad.  Notice how Jerry is ready to claw on Mamoo's chest.


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