Sunday, March 30, 2014

Getting Directions in Madrid

In Madrid, there are no street signs.  At least, none that I saw.  Local people must knew the place real well.  But their sense of directing tourists is atrocious.  I have already asked three people how to get to the restroom and I couldn't get a straight answer.  This was the fourth one:

Juzno:  Pardonme, senor.  Por favor.  Donde esta bano?

Rico the Bullfighter:  You must be a tourist.  No esta bano en Madrid para publico.  People take baths in their own homes.

Juzno:  No, you don't understand.  I need to go.

Rico the Bullfighter:  Ah, you must mean the aseos, si?

Juzno: Si, si.

Rico the Bullfighter:  In that case, go straight and make a right on the first corner and then make another right.

Juzno:  The toilet is there?

Rico the Bullfighter:  No, there you will find someone where you can ask where the toilet is.

[More stories to come.]