You're so Vain, You Think this Song is About You ... Happy New 2016 Year

I  know I don't look like Warren Beatty.
Carly Simon could be right depending on how one reads her words.  As photographer Rodney Smith puts it, "It is simply part of the human condition to aspire to importance and power, when the truth is we feel powerless and unimportant." 

I got everything I wanted. The bills are paid. The dog got a bath, and Rose and I met up with our daughter in New York.  She smiles like her dad.  Or so I would like to think.  God is good.

This is my last blog for 2015.  I still need to play with all my toys.  The Lord willing, I hope I can still blog in 2016.  See you there.

Here's wishing a safe and prosperous year 2016 to all.  Yea, even to those people who disagreed with me. 

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