Ashley and Tristan

The Vow before the Kiss.

Blogger Kirk Tucker once wrote that photography is a young man's sport.  He is so right on.  Serious photographers have to haul all kinds of equipment - from lights, extra camera lenses, back up camera, tripod, light stands, spare batteries, and many more.  In addition, they should have the stamina to be running around to get the right angle, always alert to capture the moment, and yet be stealth as to not be in the way.  

I did a wedding photo shoot some years ago, and I told myself I would not do it again.  I feel I am really too old for that kind of gig.  Until, a couple of months ago, the youth pastor in our church recommended me to take pictures of the wedding ceremony of two struggling actors.  They are really nice people, working as waiter and waitress until they can find an acting job.  Hence, they don't have enough money to afford a serious photographer.  I couldn't turn them away when they asked if I could cover their wedding.  I didn't feel right to charge them what is normative in this gig.  So I basically asked them about a tenth of what others would charge.  I realized I was getting into something that was stretching my schedule.  I had to do multiple portrait shoots on that day, and still shoot the wedding.  It was a marathon for any other photographer.  For an old geezer like me, it was like climbing Mount Everest and coming back to do some yard work.  Was it worth it?  When I see the images I have captured, I cannot say it was not.  

Lots of work here but I felt blessed.  Praise God.  Selah.

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