Finding Charlie

Bust of Charlie Chaplin at the Bradbury Building, an architectural landmark located at 304 South Broadway at West 3rd Street in downtown Los Angeles, California. 
Without a doubt, the best model is the one who never complains.  The best choice would either be a mannequin or a statue.  The latter is a bit hard to get a close up shot unless one is using a zoom lens.  I usually don’t like to carry a zoom because it draws attention during street photo walk.  

On one of my photo walks, I found Charlie inside the Bradbury building in Downtown Los Angeles. Bradbury was used as a set in filming the sci-fi movie Blade Runner.  Charlie didn’t seem to be auditioning for that film.  Although his bowler hat and walking cane would have added a certain twist to the futuristic movie.  He was content sitting on a bench.  Not sure who he was waiting for.  But I got to come close to him to get this shot.  He didn’t seem to mind.

You’re a good ole chap, Charlie.


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