Thursday, August 07, 2014

Cool Scott Pose

© 2014 Rob Castro

He is a rebel.

I was fortunate to get this shot.  Taken on available light outdoor with a vintage Zeiss Ikon Nettar (circa 1949) using Kodak TMAX 400.  The popup viewfinder is pretty much useless when it comes to focusing.  One just have to guess how far to focus.  I figured about four and half feet.  The view finder only serves as a guide in framing one's composition.  I didn't even meter this and just went for broke.  Except for this exposure, everything I shot on the film roll was botched.  I developed the film using generic solutions, and scanned the negative.  The scanned image was processed in PS for dodging and burning, and darkening the background.  I know the image is not comparable to Irving Penn but I am quite proud of this shot.