Helga checks her email

Helga is waiting for her date. But her date is an idiot. Russell always forgets his schedule. (He has done this before with his other dates - but that's another story.) So he sends Helga a message.
"M on my way. Ritz Carlton OK with U?"
Helga is amused and takes another drag from her electronic cigarette.
Physician heal thyself: This is really a botched shot but I really like the gesture so it's a keeper for me. It's for the most part blurry (by accident) and I should have been focusing on her face but ended up focusing on her cell phone. This is pretty common in street photography when anything (in this case it was me) would be moving and unpredictable (also me). Almost all photographers make this mistake. Maybe Apple will like this photo and use it for their next iPhone 10.0.

[Fujifilm X-Pro 1, 35mm, Buda, Hungary]
Copyright 2013 Rob Castro


Binnur said…
Very nice, I like the softness in the image.
Rob Castro said…
Thanks, Binnur. It's one of those imperfect shots that came out all right.

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