Inside Linda's Mind (iii, ii, i)

"If one does not understand a person, one tends to regard him as a fool. ” (Carl G. Jung)

I posted all three images of Linda to show various depths of Linda's consciousness. These were taken in a span of a few seconds.  I was glad that she allowed me to photograph her. She is a very interesting lady in that her emotions will quickly change unexpectedly.

seen also in Flickr, DA, LB and RB 



Tsetong said…
She looks out of it. Whatever she's having, I'll have some too.
Dr. Carl Jung said…
I suggest you remove my words immediately. Otherwise, you will be hearing from my lawyer. His name is Johnnie Cochran.
Rob Castro said…
Dr. Jung, it can't be you. I know you kicked the bucket a long time ago.

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