There Goes the Sun

I'm usually the last to leave the office... so I had this opportunity to catch the sunset last week. I'm still learning how to use the Lensbaby Muse coupled with the plastic optic.  I had been shooting at f2, which produced less than desirable results. This image was shot at f8.  With my novice skill, I think for plastic the f8 seems to work better.  Next time I might experiment with f16.  For now I'm content to use f8.
I find the Muse is also a bit harder to use compared to the Original (LBO) and the Composer... partly because the Muse's bellow is firmer than the LBO.  I suppose some people prefer that.  I prefer the LBO as it has a lighter feel.  It's like playing guitar on on nylon strings as opposed to steel.  The composer is the easiest to use but a bit limiting as far as doing extreme bending.  All LBs are operated manually so that adds to the challenge, but when used appropriately the results can be rewarding.

I wasn't sure about this image as I felt there was so much space -- about half of the frame is mostly sky. Capturing landscape is imo the hardest as there are so many possibilities. For this subject, I shot it with both "portrait" orientation and landscape. I opted for this as the portrait was bit cramped on the horizon and lots of black foreground. Cropping it would have made it worse. Also I was shooting at about 50mm focal length so the sun was really small. Maybe the combination of the small sun and the wide expanse provided for creative imagination --   as my friend Phyllis told me about this pic, "the sun oh so small and powerless in the background."  Maybe it was being consumed by the dark land. Whoa, that is heavy... excuse while I kiss the sky.

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Clar said…
Yay, Tito, parang good trip. Good na good na ko. Pwede na ako uli.

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