Project 13

The logic behind Project 13:
1. Strike one match
2. Two Little Women
3. Three Bathers Jumping
4. Four Limbs
5. One apple + Four books = 5
6. Six Lemons (at least that was how I counted them)
7. Seven blurry chess pieces
8. This could go up to 8×1000 rpm
9. Cat has 9 lives
10. Ten o’clock somewhere in the brave new world
11. Eleven insignificant indulgences
12. Aged twelve years
13. She was 13 years old then

If this doesn’t make sense, I have no one to blame but myself but maybe this will. Thanks dear Vesna... puno osmeha i puno ljubavi… !!!

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Stephen said…
I absolutely love this! As soon as I get the chance, I'd like to do my own version.
Rob Castro said…
thanks, stephen... glad you like it... it was one which took me a number of days to put together... i almost gave up because i couldn't find any more images... later i started thinking outside of the box and it just clicked ;-)

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