Proud Prodigal Father

More bragging rights:  Prodigal Father is currently used as the group icon for Film - An Abstract Point of View in Flickr.

Diana F+, self-developed 120 film, composite, textured
The image is a composite of film and digital.  One shot was taken with the Diana F+.  I think I used a Kodak TMax 400.  The other image was taken with the Diana F+ plastic lens mounted on my Canon EOS Rebel XT.  I developed the film using generic chemicals (because I'm cheap).  Scanned the negative as Tiff file and imported it to Corel Paint Shop Pro X2.  The digital image was likewise imported to Corel.  Stock textures (I think I downloaded the textures from C-G Textures) were added for finishing touches.

Next to the Hurt, this image has been viewed hundreds of times.  It is probably my all-time fave.  Thanks for looking and for your support.  Cheers.

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Anonymous said…
Hey Rob, this guy looks as if he missed out on seeing Opreh Winfrey at the Sydney Opera House. I haven't seen such hysteria since the death of John Lennon 30 yrs ago to the day almost. Fantastic shot. tony
Rob Castro said…
it feels like only yesterday when i heard the news about Lennon's death... i remember feeling sad and shocked... i still do

thanks for your visit and kind note, tony

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