Close Encounter with a Wild Thing

Chino Hills, California, Canon EOS 60d, Carl Zeiss 100mm Makro-Planar

"Suspended in time, the synergy catapulted into the great circle collecting along the way bits of colored glass reflected by mirrors producing symmetrical patterns. Thus, producing rainbows in my reverie." - Aurora Schneider

What I love about macro photography is it can have an abstract quality that takes a subject to a different dimension. Such is the first image... in my mind I imagine an order in space with the appearance randomness. Does that make sense? The boring explanation is that the ordered randomness is attributed to what scientist call the Fibonacci sequence. But forget about that, I just want to feel the mood. Cold science sometimes take away the feelings and the impressions.

"Finally, the dandelion - my vision imparted, easily, I see a kaleidoscope!!! To mimic one of your favorite lines - 'as a side note', I collect kaleidoscope. Oh, I do not have a lot, at the present time, just two!! Let me therefore share you my take on kaleidoscope..." - aU


Anonymous said…
Luv this, such random precision . tony
Rob Castro said…
luv your paradoxical comment, tony... now pass that good stuff and don't bogart that joint, would ya...

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