I am under the weather today so I skipped work.  I am feeling a bit better now.  The lilies were shot today after taking Mimi out for a walk.  Early morning is great for taking floral shots as the wind here is still.  Well, actually it's not that early.  Must have almost 7am.  The strange thing about these lilies is that they are blooming at a very late period.  Typically one can see them being sold during Easter.  Not sure if that has to do with the micro-climate in our backyard.  We had a bunch of trees cut lately and now it's bright out here.  Before it was a bit gloomy, which is not bad as it provides coolness.  Maybe the late bloom is just like me as I am a late bloomer in most things.  Heh.  

The image above is actually a part of a bigger image below.  Although a large part of inforamtion was removed by the cropping, I think the image quality is still good.  I am very happy with the composition and framing on this one.


The top shot is magnificent...perfect! :))
Rob Castro said…
you are very kind, B... thanks so much... this means a lot

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