Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Last Train to London

I'm a big proponent of the rubric that one does not have to go far to capture decent images.  Of course one has to always be looking for something interesting.  It helps too if one has their camera on hand.  Consider these chic fashion babes.  They just missed the last train to London to attend the Electric Light Orchestra soiree.  Notice their existential stare as they look on towards the train that had left.  It would be a long walk to get to the party considering this was taken in Manhattan.

This is set in the future.  And they are wearing invisible hats, which act as moon block. Apparently they found out that moon exposure is more dangerous than sun exposure.  In the future, it will take only a twinkling of an eye to get from Manhattan to London by train.  But it would still take forever to go on foot.

Techie notes:
  No kidding this time.  Taken with a Canon EOS Rebel XT converted to capture IR only.  No color manipulation except for tweaking the white balance, and traditional dodging and burning.