Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Early Days Published

I've just published my third photo book entitled Early Days. The book is a hardcover 8 x 8. I've selected over 16 photos from Juzno of the Day posts. The photos are printed on thick archival paper that is designed to prevent fading, and guaranteed to withstand the most brutal abuse of a two-month old puppy. Most of the photos are from my early works but I've also included a few newer ones. The difference of this book from previous ones is that on this one each photo is accompanied with musings.

I'm pushing the book for $35 as an introductory offer. [If I get famous, the book will be worth more.  But that's big "if".]  Please let me know if you or anyone is interested in this. Or simply forward the link to your friends and tell them that you personally know how good is this artist.  [Heh.] 

Preview the book above. Click on the image to flip page.  Hope you enjoy.