What We did This Summer No. 3

What We did This Summer No. 3:  This was the last thing I saw while in Skagway, which was our third cruise stop.  We were on our way back to our ship and I saw the nice snow capped mountain framed unto the dock, the bridge and the embankment.  In my opinion, Skagway is not a perfect place but I think its imperfection makes it inspirational.  The greenish water is most likely glacier fed, which is really muddy water from the silts but looks kind of cool.  I think the north really has cool looking mud.  The cloud formation appears to be a sign that strong winds are ahead.  I was told Skagway meant "Northern Winds" because it's always windy there.  It's located at the northern end of the Inside Passage.  It was very calm the whole time we were there.  So either we got ripped off because it was not windy or we were blessed.

Have a cool weekend.  Cheers.


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