Monday, December 10, 2012

Oxford Comma

I call it the Superman colors: Red, Blue and yellow.  The gray concrete represents his hair.  I think he must be 73 years old by now,  maybe older.  I'm trying to get away from this kind of photography as I want to focus and concentrate on my black and white street images but I guess this kind keeps showing up on my camera.  Sorry, but I can't help it.  I blame my camera.

The making of Oxford Comma.  Mimi watches my back to make sure I don't get interrupted.

Techie Notes and my secret to shooting Oxford Comma:  I used a 20mm lens on this one.  One of the tricks I employ in using wide angle lens is to shoot the subject at very close range.  I mean really close to maximize the potential of the lens.  If your camera has a live view, use it to get that snappy sharpness in your shots.  The other photo shows how I used my wide lens on Oxford Comma.  Mimi watches my back to make sure I don't get interrupted.  She gets paid to do that.  So, she's not doing it out of loyalty.  Her motivation is her compensation.  Smart kid.

Hope your day goes well.  Cheers.

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