Friday, December 07, 2012

The Soprano

Somebody must have been playing with my PC monitor setting as all my images looked awful.  I mean my monitor is bad to begin with.  But it seems to have become worse.  The black and white photos appear to have a purple tinge.  And they are all dull.  The sharpness for the most part are gone.  Everybody looked like they have gained an extra 10 pounds.  Is anyone experiencing the same issue?

Anyway, I hope your monitor is not as bad.  This lady is certainly not fat.  And she was not singing the blues.  I just don't know what she was singing.  It was in a local dialect that I hardly understood.  All I could hear were the "Rrrrrs!"  Mimi could probably understand that language.  Mimi by the way is our dog in case you've forgotten.  But I could tell by the singer's gesticulations that she was very happy.  Maybe she was serenading me.  Oh dear.

Have a good weekend.

© 2012 Rob Castro


Anonymous said...

This mama-san is coughing up a hairball. After that, she'll pinch and pull her saggy throat skin and utter "mi-mi-mi-mi" then belt out her rendition of White Christmas. Her daughter hates when she does this.

Have a good Hot Tottie weekend.

Rob Castro said...

She normally sings it in C sharp but she's been under the weather so she'll do it instead in key of C. No one will probably know the difference but Ms Isadore Capella insists in perfection and performing only the best.