Monday, July 15, 2013

Anilao Contentment (ii)

Anilao, Iloilo, Philippines
Copyright 2013 Rob Castro

Below is a featured Comment from Jun Jacob President/ CEO of Art and Life. Like myself, Mr Jacob is fellow Bosconian (Don Bosco Victorias 1965, Don Bosco Juniorate, Pampanga 1970, Don Bosco College, Canluban 1974.) Hope you enjoy reading.

"The visuals of this photo have so many things going for it. The center of interest (the two men carrying a load on a bamboo pole) is strikingly positioned at the lower left golden mean. It is a much defined one and is without clutter. There are no other elements to compete with it. Although technically there is no layering involved here which would give the image more push towards the SP direction, it looks and feels that way. Perhaps it is the categorically defined perspective as shouldered by the elevated pathway these two men are treading on. The depth that it suggests is just delectably propitious. What is appetizing to see is the bamboo pole in a foreshortened state which also adds to the linear direction towards the vanishing point although in a beautifully curved aesthetic delight. The amazing visuals are actually contributed by the admirable contrasts of all the elements – the dark crop of hair against the gray clouds behind, the left arm happily standing-out both against black on the upper portion and against gray on the lower part. And these contrasts get to be repeated in all directions as if the hand of Michelangelo pressed the shutter with his magical brush! Now, sans the eye-draining excessive post processing, this image is so much like a good movie needing to be seen in a repeat performance from mall opening up to the last full show! An amazingly good job Rob Castro!"

The photo also appears in the main gallery of Black and White Street website for those interested. Thanks for looking and liking.