Daddy, I don't want to pose anymore

Daddy, I don't want to pose anymore
Copyright 2013 Rob Castro

Steve on Politics:  "I was a Republican who voted for Reagan and Bush Sr. and Bush Jr.  That was the last time I voted.  I would have voted for McCain but he was creepy.  I didn't want Romney because I didn't like his hair style.  No, I just won't vote anymore.  The way this country is going, I think I will join the Communist party and move to Sweden."

Steve on Relationship: "I tell my daughter that she should only marry for the right reason.  What's that?  I'm not sure but she will find out when that time comes."

Steve on Life: "Life? ... is meaningless and is not black and white like this picture here.  Yea I mean this picture is meaningless.  And there is no such thing as true black and white."


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