Monday, December 30, 2013

The night I met the three wise men

Juzno:  Hey, you guys are the famous three kings.

Magi:  Actually, we are not kings.  We are really Magi.  And we are actually four not three.

Juzno:  You know I never knew what your names are.

Magi:  I'm John.  These blokes here are Paul and George.  Ringo is sick so he couldn't make it.

Juzno:  Where are you headed right now?

Magi:  We are going to pay homage to the newborn king but first we plan to stop by Times Square to observe the dropping of the ball.

Juzno:  Cool.  I've been meaning to ask - how was Herod like?

Magi:  A bit of a stiff we suppose.

Juzno:  So is it true that you guys are also musicians?

Magi:  We are jacks of all trades.  Paul is the talented one and George is the silent one.  Ringo is ringo.  I am just the Walrus - coo coo co choo.

Juzno:  What is your message to the world?

Magi:  Give peace a chance.