Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Night at Madrid

This is at Huertas in Madrid - a stone's throw away from Museo del Prado.  Huerstas is cool at night.  Everywhere you go is a Tapas Bar, left right front and back.  One of the guys at the bar enticed me to watched a Flamenco show.  He said that his bar is the oldest one to have shown Flamenco dancing.  He was obviously not a very good liar.

 I really loved Spain.  A lot of history and very laid back.  The Spaniards are lazy and they take siesta from 2pm to 5 pm.  So the stores are close around that time.  One would be fortunate to find an open restaurant.  But it's nice place.  The city becomes alive after 9pm.  This is fiesta time.  People including kids sleep 6 hours at the most. 

 The weather was gorgeous when I was there.  Our last day was in Madrid and our tour group - all 50 of us - got entangled with the demonstrators at the city while on the way to our farewell dinner.  At the end, there were tear gas and rubber bullets flying.  Quite exciting.  

More stories to come.