Thursday, May 08, 2014

How to haggle with a Moroccan

© 2014 Rob Castro

Our tour guide took us to the famous Berber Pharmacy in Marrakech.  The ladies in our group had a blast shopping for argan oil and cosmetics.  After a few minutes, I decided to saunter off outside and there I met Mahmoud, a Moroccan jewelry vendor.

Mahmoud:  Nice jewelries.  Cheap.  Please buy.

Juzno:  Sorry, I don't wear jewelries.

Mahmoud:  Nice jewelries.  Cheap.  Please buy.  Real cheap.  I make you a good deal.

Juzno:  Tell you what, I'll take your picture and pay you.  Okay?

Mahmoud:  Okay.  You sure you don't want to buy jewelries?

Juzno:  No.  [Click. Click.]  Here's five dirhams.

Mahmoud:  You took two photos.  You owe me ten  dirhams.

Juzno:  I told you I was going to pay you.  I didn't say how much.  You just agreed.

Mahmoud:  You wanna buy nice jewelries?