Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Lighting Set Up for Never Alone

Camera: Canon EOS 60D
Lens: Canon EF 70-200mm L f4 focal length 70mm
Flashes: Two- Canon 580ex ii, Two- Canon 430ex ii TTL mode
Light Modifiers: 12" Beauty Dish, 24" Beauty Dish, Theatrical Blue Gels
Iso 800,  f10, 1/250
White Balance: Daylight

There were two flashes covered with blue gels. One was place below the pipe and the other was behind her head. Then I put a small beauty dish above her head and covered it with a more transparent blue plastic - just enough to add some more blue on the hair but not on the face. There was a bigger beauty dish pointed to her nose. No blue gel here as I wanted her face to look normal. The light spills from the blue gels of the other light sources add a bit of hue to her face and I thought that was okay. I set the white balance on Daylight to make her face a bit warmer.

For the smoke, we just have to keep shooting until we got the result that we desired. I asked the model to practice smoking the pipe a few days before so I think that helped. By the time we were done, while I needed a smoke, my poor model told me that she was done smoking for the day.

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