Friday, May 29, 2015

Chilling Back in California

iPhone 6 capture by Rose
Finally, we have running water again, so we can relax a bit.  Rose and I set up a small table at our porch.  Just enjoying the al fresco with wine.  Rose is getting good at shooting with her iPhone 6 and took a picture of me and Mimi just hanging out.

It took two days to get the plumbing fix.  I have to turn off the main valve because water was gushing out between the wall and the floor.  So we didn't have running water for a while.

The plumber arrived Wednesday night.  Two hours later and after cutting our walls in five different places, he finally found the leak.  The leak was actually under the cement slab but he didn't want to tear down our floor tiles so he tried to isolate the leaky pipe but looking for it on our walls.  I thought that was a brilliant way of detecting leaks but at the expense of cutting holes on our walls.  That's easier to patch up rather than replacing the tiles, which probably wont match since our flooring has faded through the years.  The next day the plumber came back as it was late that night.

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