Thursday, July 09, 2015

An Unusually Hot July in Seatlle

Seattle captured with Fujifilm X-Pro1 35mm
The last time I was at Seattle was around July back in 2012.  I had to wear a jacket then.  But in the last few days, it had been unusually hot.  Mid to high 90s.  The sky turned to green and the red wine became yellow.  Liberals and progressives are telling me that it's a valid proof that global warming is real.  Personally, I think that theory is bonkers.  While glaciers continue to melt in the arctic region, sea ice in the antarctic continues to form.  The same year that recorded the hottest temperature in decades also recorded the lowest temperature.  That is why some are no longer calling it Global Warming.  Instead now it's Climate Change.  Back in the 70s, liberals were worried that the earth was cooling.  It does appear that the earth has been warming ... since the ice age.  What is the big deal? We humans of all the species in this green planet have always adapted.  I should shut up and keep my politics to myself and stick to arts.

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