Saturday, July 11, 2015

Goodbye Jimi, Hello Brownie

Jimi Hendrix Lyrics and Eric Clapton's Brownie Fujifilm X-Pro 1 35mm

We were at the EMP Museum (Seattle) last week and I felt like a little kid inside a candy store.  It housed some of the guitars and belongings of famous guitarists.  I could stay there the entire day and would still discover new things.

Hendrix's materials and Clapton's Strat, which he named Brownie, were some of the highlights for me.  The two guitarists changed the way people approach their guitars.  Sadly, one left us.  Fortunately, the other is still with us.  I shot these images for posterity - not thinking what to do with them later - just  to remind me where I was at that time.  In retrospect, by putting the images together,  I thought that the diptych represents a sampling of their personalities and the influence they had in music.

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