A lazy Sunday morning in Plymouth

Plymouth, England shot on iPhone 6

We went to the landing site where the Mayflower sailed with the pilgrims to America. Seems like a nondescript place but it was on the same spot where the first settlers to New Zealand sailed. Since it was a Sunday, the shops were still closed but we met the owner of a tea place who invited us for a tour (we were with another couple whom we met living in Glendale, California). Interesting place with a nice backyard garden and an antique staircase. There was also some guy, maybe a family friend, whom I referred to as the village idiot. He was fascinated with me and talked about guns, languages, etc. He said was also a member of the NRA and thought I was Russian.  

On the way back to the coach we met an elderly gent (looked like a retired sailor) who wanted to show us the church with a stained glass window showing the route of Sir Francis Drake to the Americas. We thought he was there to invite us for worship -- oh well. 

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