L'chaim (repost)

I love Old Towns. They're great venues for photo ops. I could walk around with my point and shoot and take pictures of silly stuff like fire hydrants and local people, and most people think I'm just a crazy tourist. It's also a great way to meet strangers. This happy dude hammed it for me when I asked him for a picture. [He even cajoled me to have a picture with Rose although I'm not posting that one here (heh).] People asked me why I take pictures of strangers. I tell them they're famous people and they should take their pictures too. Some of the them will believe me until Rose will give it away with her smile.

Techie Notes: Glassell St, Old Town Orange. Fujifilm Finepix x100. Converted to nostalgic B&W with Silver Efex Pro 2. Model's wholesome smile courtesy of God's grace. Kosher Mevushal wine also helped. L'chiam! 

Hava Nagila Father's Day Weekend. Love your dad.

Originally posted June 15, 2012 #HappyFathersDay


Anonymous said…
Hey Rob ,as soon as I saw this one , I knew , robs got his hands on a Fuji. Quirky ?
Rob Castro said…
cheers old pal :-)

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